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Please take some time to explore my website. To learn some more about what dressage is and what it can do for you and your horse, read about dressage. To learn more about my training philosophy and how I developed it, see Training Philosophy and About Susi.

The Services page tells you all about the range of training and competing services I offer while Horses gives some information on the horses I am training at the moment. The News page gives updates on latest competition results and training events.

You’ll find the information you need to contact me to talk about your training needs on the Contact page.

I am now in a new location near the Halfway Roundabout, between Cork and Innishannon. Great stables, arena and easy parking and access.

About Dressage

‘Dressage’ simply means ‘training’. Any horse or rider, whether they are planning to compete at affiliated dressage or only want to hack and enjoy themselves, can benefit by doing dressage. Proper training can help you to communicate better with your horses, leading to a more harmonious riding experience. With correct training, your horse will be easier to steer, stop, start and manoeuvre, lighter in your hand and more responsive to your aids. Proper athletic training will help to ensure that your horse stays sound and fit for whatever equestrian activity you want to pursue.

Any rider, of any age or level of physical fitness, can benefit from doing dressage and any horse, of any type, can become a nicer horse to ride, with correct dressage training.

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